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Sound Design + Engineering




The Geometry of Dissonance, 2019

Starfish Hospital is a musical project whose sound emerges from the tension between juxtaposed musical opposites. Traces of electropop, shoegaze, trip-hop, noise, and progressive black metal can all be heard in the songs that comprise the project's debut LP "The Geometry of Dissonance". Consequentially, the record's sonic identity is one that music listeners will find familiar yet unlike anything they've ever heard. Oddly-timed dance beats skitter into blasts. Walls of melody are exhaled by dense layers of idiosyncratic synthesizers. Assorted video-game samples and worldly percussion embroider the atmosphere. All of these elements coalesce in swathes of ethereal reverb over which arena-ready hooks are delivered by modulated vocals that are equally indebted to Cynic as they are to 808's era Kanye West. The reconciliation of opposites that defines Starfish Hospital's musical identity is reflected both in it's occult-centric lyricism and the title of it's debut. 

All tracks written and produced by Levi DeMatteo
All tracks mixed by Levi DeMatteo and Nikesh Hotchandani
All tracks mastered by Damian Herring

Cover art by Levi DeMatteo
Band logo by Christophe Szpajdel



Ironically Unemployed, 2018

Chicago's most iconoclastic avant-garde meme rap duo Matchbox 420 turn musical shitposting into an art form on their surprisingly listenable debut album "Ironically Unemployed". Throughout the thirteen song tracklist, MC's Dom the Matrix and Bars Mitzvah rhyme their way through a vast palette of absurd character portrayals over an equally diverse set of instrumentals. However, it's precisely within this consistent refusal to stay on topic or be categorized that Ironically Unemployed's mission statement emerges. Whether trading bars about proper nutrition, playing devils advocate for baby seal clubbers, bragging about having hoes made of silverware, spitting scientific facts about owls, or debating the ethics of anime porn, Matchbox 420 effectively prove that no human thought is too stupid or irreverent to be expressed as a catchy rap song.

All tracks written by Levi DeMatteo and Dominic Marchica. 
All tracks but 3, 6, and 8 produced by Levi DeMatteo 
All tracks mixed and mastered by Levi DeMatteo

Cover art by Levi DeMatteo

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